Year 6

Year 6 is the final year in Key Stage 2 (KS2).

Children in Year 6 wear black sweatshirts to show that they are the oldest children in the school.

This gives our Year 6 children a sense of responsibility and a pride in being role models for the younger children.
School starts at 9.00am and finishes at 3.15pm.

This induction booklet for Year 6 contains useful information.

Classes And Teachers 

Our Year 6 teachers are:

  • Class 2A – Miss Halksworth
  • Class 2C – Mrs Duffy & Ms Cantons


The Year 6 Autumn Term newsletter was sent home at the beginning of this term together with the Year 6 Autumn Term Topic Web which outlines what we will be covering during the course of the term.


  • Please ensure you check the key dates relating to applying for secondary school. Please visit our 'Moving onto Secondary School' page for information. 
  • Wednesday 17th October - individual meetings for parents to discuss secondary school applications. Read the letter here. 
  • Wednesday 31st October - Deadline for Secondary School Applications to Wandsworth Council. More information is on our Moving Onto Secondary School Page
  • Year 6 PGL trip - Monday 12th November to Friday 16th November
  • Year 6 have the opportunity to do cycle training on Tuesday 20th to Friday 23rd November 2018. You can read the letter here.

Letters and News

  • Class 2C will be having swimming lessons from 19th September until 17th October. This letter (2C Swimming Letter) was sent home with details. 
  • Please ensure your child brings in a named water bottle each day
  • Swaffield School app - please ensure you have downloaded and have registered in the school app to ensure you are kept up-to-date with what's happening


Please ensure your child has the correct P.E. kit for their P.E. lessons. Trainers are essential for outdoor P.E.


Homework will continue to be handed out on a Friday and should be returned on a Tuesday. To help them to prepare for SATs, children may also be expected to use the revision sites suggested on the school website.
There is more information on our Homework page where you can find out more details of our homework policy, guidance for parents and also download some useful information to help you support your child at home.

Spellings: these will be given out on Fridays to practise for a test the following Friday.

Times tables: children need to practise their times tables so that they become fluent in them in and out of order, as well as knowing the corresponding divisions facts.


Please continue to support your child with their homework and revision throughout the year in order to help prepare them for their SATs tests in May. Please visit the Year 6 Revision page for resources to help you support your child.

Daily Reading

Year 6 children are expected to read for 25 minutes each night and to write a comment in their Reading Records. Take a look at the Reading List for Year 6 for some inspiration on what books to choose.

Supporting Your Child At Home 

You can find some useful resources to help you support your Year 6 child at home on our Year 6 Revision page.
There is also some helpful information on our Homework page giving ideas to help your child.


Pupils in Year 6 take the following tests:

The Wandsworth Secondary School tests will be on Thursday 20th September 2018.

These tests cover verbal and non-verbal reasoning and the children do a few practice papers in school to help prepare for these.  You can also visit the Wandsworth Council website for more information.


Please continue to support your child with their homework and revision throughout the year in order to help prepare them for their SATs tests in May. Please visit the Year 6 Revision page for resources to help you support your child.

Meeting Teachers 

Parents' Evenings are held in the Autumn and Spring Terms - a private 15-minute appointment with your child's teacher to discuss progress.

If you'd like to speak to the teacher at any other time, please contact the School Office to make an appointment.

Mobile Phones

Children in Year 5 and Year 6 may bring a mobile phone in to school. Please see the office staff for a permission letter, these need to be signed and returned to school before any phones are allowed in. Mobile phones may not be used in school and should be handed in to the class teacher for safe keeping during the day.

Secondary School 

The deadline for applications for Secondary School is 31st October 2018.
Please see the information below and our Moving On To Secondary School page where you will find all information and a PDF version of the 'Choose a Wandsworth Secondary School' booklet .

Year 6 children were given the 'Choose a Wandsworth Secondary School' booklet in early September.
and were invited for 1 to 1 meetings about the secondary transfer application with Miss Halksworth.

 Information about Wandsworth Secondary Schools 

  • Year 6 children were given the 'Choose a Wandsworth Secondary School' booklet in the first few days of term in September.
  • Year 6 pupils are encouraged to visit as many schools as possible. Your child may accompany you on daytime visits, which are authorised and do not affect your child's attendance record.

 How to Apply 

For further information please visit:


If you wish, you can send in a plate of fruit or donate a book to your child’s class and write a birthday message inside.

Swaffield is a 'Healthy School' and, as such, we do not allow sweets, chocolate or cakes to be brought into the classroom. This includes birthday cakes.

You may provide a plate of prepared fruit for the class to share if you wish.

If you wish you can buy a book to donate to your child's class and it will be inscribed:

"This book has been donated to Class ... to celebrate the birthday of .........  .........."

(It is always best to check the suitability of a particular book, with the class teacher, before you purchase it.)

Please DO NOT ask teachers to distribute 'birthday bags' or invitations.