Year 3

Year 3 is the first year of Lower Key Stage 2.

Please remember, school starts at 9.00am for Year 3 children and we start teaching promptly, therefore it is essential your child is here on time.

Any reading/spelling time which is missed through lateness will be made up in your child’s break time.

Classes & Teachers 

Our Year 3 Class Teachers are:

1D Mr McNulty
1E Mr Wilson

You can read the induction booklet for Year 3 here.

Autumn Term 2018 

Our Year 3 Autumn Term News was sent out at the beginning of term with our Year 3 Autumn Term Topic Web and explains what we'll be covering this term.

Dates and News

  • On Thursday 1st November, Year 3 will be going to Wild Learning at Paradise Cooperative. Read the letter here. Please note that Class 1E will need a packed lunch. 
  • We encourage children to bring in a named water bottle so that they may drink water in class
  • Please ensure your child is wearing sun cream on sunny / hot days
  • Swaffield School app - please ensure you have downloaded and registered in the app to ensure you are kept up-to-date with what's happening
  • Please also check the Calendar page to see whole school events


Please ensure your child has his/her P.E. kit in school on a Monday for the week's P.E. days and takes it home on a Friday to wash it. 

This term we will have more P.E. lessons outside and children should bring trainers in their P.E. kit each week.

Break & Lunchtime 

Now your child is in Key Stage 2 they are allowed to bring in fresh fruit or a vegetable from home to enjoy

Children can also purchase something from our Healthy Tuck Shop should they wish but should bring in no more than a maximum of 25p per day.

Milk is now available break time for those who have signed up to the Cool Milk service. Milk is free for under 5’s as well as those who get free school meals and subsidised for all other primary school children. Find out more including how to register by visiting


Please visit our homework page to find out more about Swaffield's approach to homework.

Homework is given out each Friday and due back the following Tuesday.

These tasks will alternate between Maths and English and will be given with mental maths to practise.
Children are expected to complete their homework and return it on time. 
Children will miss minutes from golden time or lunch time to finish any homework not completed on time.

Talk Homework and Big Write

Talk homework will be given on Wednesdays to prepare for the Big Write on Fridays.


Children will be given spelling words a week in advance of their spelling test on Mondays. Please ensure your child has their spelling book with them in school on a Monday morning and has practised their spellings.

Mental Maths

Please help your child to practise at home. 

Times Tables

Please encourage your child to use the Times Tables Rockstars website; daily practice is recommended.


We want children to enjoy reading, and as part of our commitment to raising levels, we expect children to read every evening for at least 15-20 minutes at home.

Ideally this will be with an adult, asking your child questions about what they are reading. Please ensure that you write a comment in your child’s yellow reading record.
You can find out more about reading here or get ideas for books to read from our Year 3 reading list here.
It's important that your child brings his/her reading record EVERY day so that teachers can comment on progress when they have heard your child read.

Supporting Your Child At Home 

You can find some useful resources to help you support your child at home on our Homework page as well as on our Fun & Educational websites page.


If you wish, you can send in a plate of fruit or donate a book to your child’s class and write a birthday message inside.

Swaffield is a 'Healthy School' and, as such, we do not allow sweets, chocolate or cakes to be brought into the classroom. This includes birthday cakes.

You may provide a plate of prepared fruit for the class to share if you wish.

If you wish you can buy a book to donate to your child's class and it will be inscribed,

"This book has been donated to Class ... to celebrate the birthday of .........  .........."

 (It is always best to check the suitability of a particular book, with the class teacher, before you purchase it.)

Please DO NOT ask teachers to distribute 'birthday bags' or invitations.

Parents seeing Teachers

In the autumn and spring terms we have Parent Evenings. However, if you have any concerns or questions about anything to do with your child, please don’t wait for a formal meeting, but contact us right away.

The teachers are always pleased to see parents or carers of the children they teach, but it is not possible for them to talk to you when they are responsible for a class.

Teachers are happy to make an appointment for before or after school.  The Head, Deputy and Assistant Head are very happy to see parents or carers at almost any time.   If you prefer, you can  ring to make an appointment to see either of them.

We want parents to feel welcome in our school. Please see your child’s teacher if you would like to help, for example, by accompanying classes on outings or helping with reading for the first half-hour of the day.