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A Brief History of Swaffield School.

Swaffield Road School was founded in 1895.

The first ‘tin’ school was a temporary building and was accessed by a path from Garratt Lane across the fields. We believe the word ‘swaff’ comes from an Olde English word for ‘path’. So ‘Swaffield’ means ‘a path through a field’, which summons up all sorts of lovely images of the past.

The main school building was opened to Infant pupils and boys in the Autumn of 1897 and girls were admitted on the completion of the top floors in February 1898. The school continued with these divisions - Infants on the ground floor, junior boys on the middle floor and junior girls on the top floor until the 1960s.

Between 1940 and 1945 Swaffield was closed because of the “Blitz”

In 1965 Mr David Cadwallader became Headteacher of the Junior School, amalgamating the boys’ and girls’ schools into one Junior School.

In 1982 Mrs Jenny Branston became the Headteacher and, at this time, the Head of the Infants’ School Mrs Molly Lambert retired, and the Junior and Infant Schools were amalgamated with the school becoming Swaffield Primary School.

Mrs Lilley became Headteacher in 2004 when Mrs Branston retired. Mrs Lilley was previously the Deputy Headteacher and had been a class teacher since 1978.

The school achieved the ‘Charter Mark Award’ on three consecutive occasions recognising Swaffield’s success as a school that cares for its pupils and parents and provides them with a high standard of commitment to its stated Aims and Values.

Gaining an ‘Investors In People’ award demonstrated the value we place, and continue to place, on our staff and the commitment to their professional development.

Today the school continues to enjoy a high reputation and this is reflected in the awards, both past and present, which recognise its all-round excellence.

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