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School Council

School Council is made up of one representative from each class (plus one deputy), from Year 2 to Year 6 inclusive, who are elected by their classmates.

"School Council is a Cool Council because...."

  • We're cool
  • We solve problems that teachers can't
  • We do all the sensible things that we're told
  • We inspire teachers
  • We try to make school fun too
  • We do sensible things
  • We're balanced because we're fun and we make sensible decisions
  • We take care of our school and everyone in it

What is the School Council?

  • An inclusive, structured, forum for discussion and decision-making
  • A means for children to raise issues and concerns
  • A means to consult all pupils

Class Representatives

Each class from Year 2 to Year 6 selects a School Council Representative and a deputy.
The representative attends fortnightly School Council meetings and puts forward ideas from their class as well as giving feedback to the class after the meetings. 

Why have a School Council?

  • To help children develop responsible attitudes
  • To improve behaviour
  • To give children hands-on experience of issues in the National Curriculum, including PSHE and Citizenship
  • To create a feeling of belonging, encourage listening to others and develop self-confidence
  • To improve pupil/teacher relationships

How does the School Council work?

  • The Chair leads the meetings
  • Conventional committee procedures are used
  • Class representatives bring issues to the School Council

When does the School Council take place?

Usually every two weeks for 30-40 minutes

How can children raise an issue?

Tell your class representative - your point will be raised at the next meeting

How does the class find out what happened?

Class representatives will feed back to their class as soon as possible the following week.