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Foundation Stage

This is children who are 3 – 5 years old.

Children in the Nursery and Reception classes work towards achieving a set of ‘earlylearning goals’ and develop key skills across a wide range of areas.

The Early Years curriculum is divided into three prime and four specific areas of learning:

The prime areas of learning:

  • communication and language – developing confidence in self expression and ability to listen in a range of situations
  • physical development – involving action and interaction, developing co-ordination, control and movement
  • personal, social and emotional development – developing a positive self image, good relationships and respect for others, learning how to manage feelings and behave appropriately

The specific areas of learning:

  • literacy – linking sounds and letters and beginning to read and write
  • mathematics – improving skills in counting, understanding and using numbers, simple calculations, describing shapes, space and measures
  • understanding the world – making sense of the physical world and their community
  • expressive arts and design – exploring a wide range of materials and media as well as sharing their thoughts, feelings and ideas through a variety of activities involving music, art, drama and so on

The curriculum is carefully planned to cover all of the required areas.

Activities are put into contexts which ensure learning is engaging and fun for the children. Our learning environment encompasses both classroom and playground and children are encouraged to build up skills in activities that take place in both areas.

Our aim is to maintain a very happy, challenging, motivating and sociable environment, where all children feel included and are keen to learn.

You have worked with your staff in early years (Nursery & Reception) to ensure
that the youngest children in the school get off to a flying start in their learning.

Ofsted Report 2016