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Swaffield School's Principles Of Teaching Science

At the start of the school year our teachers worked together to create a bank of ideas for what "good" science lessons should be like and created our principles of teaching science.

We care passionately about science teaching at Swaffield and want pupils to complete their primary careers with a sound scientific knowledge and with all the necessary scientific enquiry skills for their adult lives.


Read our Science Newsletter to find out what's happening. 

Science Award

Swaffield has been awarded the Primary Science Quality Mark.

This award scheme celebrates excellence in science in primary schools across the UK.

Mrs Naldrett, subject leader for Science at Swaffield, said:

I'm thrilled that we've been given this award. It's about raising attainment in science and increasing its profile within school but most importantly, it's about making science a fun, enjoyable experience for the children and igniting their interest.

STEM Ambassador Award

Swaffield was delighted to be recognised for:

The commitment of staff for encouraging and inspiring young people in STEM subjects through the use of STEM Ambassadors.

Our Approach To Science 

All class teachers at Swaffield plan as effectively as possible for the different abilities of their pupils in Science.

Our approach is often cross-curricular which means we incorporate science into as many subjects as we can, with a particular emphasis in mathematics lessons.

Scientific Enquiry and investigation play a key part in lessons. We aim to provide our pupils with the opportunity to take part in 'hands-on' investigations during science lessons because we feel children learn a lot through the acts of ‘doing’, ‘experiencing’ and ‘decision making’. Children are being given lots of open-ended activities in lessons which create ‘spark’ and challenge. Children are taught to recognise what is safe and what could be unsafe or a danger in science lessons and take appropriate precautions to protect the health and safety of themselves and of others.

Mrs Naldrett Science Subject Leader

Science Week

Each year we run a Science Week where teachers spend the time focusing on the Science curriculum.

The week is always action-packed with visits from experts in the science field, theatre groups, workshops and much more.

This year the children learned about electricity and the subject was brought to life by Brainwave Science in some special assemblies and workshops.

In the past we have worked with Burntwood Academy which is recognised as a secondary school which excels in the teaching of science and Swaffield is very fortunate to be part of a cluster group of primary schools which benefits from regular contact with the science department there.

Through our relationship with Burntwood we are able to have guest teachers to work with classes, run workshops throughout the year and we arrange for Years 5 and 6 to visit the school and take part in science lessons using ‘secondary school’ equipment, such as Bunsen burners and force metres.    

The Nature Collection 

In the past, KS1 and Early Years children have enjoyed a fantastic wildlife workshop run by The Nature Collection which really brought nature to life in a unique and memorable way.

They had a really interesting time in which they tried on deer antlers, looked at butterflies and moths through a magnifying glass, inspected the skeleton of a fox cub, touched a squirrel tail and a bird's wing amongst many other amazing items. The Nature Collection includes many objects that have been collected from Richmond Park (with special permission) and is just like a travelling Natural History Museum!

You can visit The Nature Collection's website here to find out more.