Swaffield School


Clubs for Autumn Term 2021

 We have a wide variety of clubs available this term - there's really something for everyone! 

  • All Star Tennis
  • Arabic Club
  • Art Club
  • Arty Party
  • Ballet
  • Challenge Club
  • Cookery Club with Ms Crolle
  • Cookery Club with Miss Widdowson
  • Culture Experience
  • Digital Media 
  • Football 
  • Football (girls)
  • French Club
  • Girls in STEM
  • Knight School 
  • Multisport
  • Netball
  • Playball
  • School Band
  • School Choir
  • Science Club
  • Sewing Bee

Download the list of clubs for Autumn Term 2021 here

Clubs for Swaffield Pupils - Information

Once clubs are organised, we post information here and send details to parents via email.

Fees apply for certain activities and not all activities are available to every year group.

Payment for fee-paying clubs should be made using Pay360 using this link where you can book online. 

If you think you may be eligible for PPG (Pupil Premium Grant) please speak to someone in the School Office. We are able to offer free or subsidised places at some clubs for those who are eligible for PPG. Find out more here. 

Here's a taster of Swaffield Clubs: 



Clubs Available to the Whole Community

Visit this page to see the clubs that are run at Swaffield School that are open to children or adults in our local community.