Swaffield School


Awards Held by Swaffield School 


 Swaffield is proud to have been presented with a prestigious  Artsmark Award at Gold Level for the fourth time; this means that we've held it for a decade!
Find out more about The Arts here.


Primary Science Quality Mark Award

Swaffield School holds the Primary Science Quality Mark.

This award scheme celebrates excellence in science in primary schools across the UK.

Mrs Naldrett, subject leader for Science at Swaffield, said:

I'm thrilled that we've been given this award. It's about raising attainment in science and increasing its profile within school but most importantly, it's about making science a fun, enjoyable experience for the children and igniting their interest.

STEM Ambassador Award

Swaffield was delighted to be recognised for:


The commitment of staff for encouraging and inspiring young people
in STEM subjects through the use of STEM Ambassadors.

PE School Games Award

 Swaffield was awarded the Sainsbury's School Games Mark at Gold level in the   Summer Term 2019 to reward our commitment to P.E. and competitive sport. 


 Miss Pittorino, P.E. teacher, said:


We're really pleased to get this award. It reflects our commitment to P.E. here at Swaffield where it's a really important part of the curriculum.

We now have more opportunities than ever for children to learn about and enjoy sport.

Music Mark 


Swaffield is proud to have been nominated
and presented with the Music Mark. 



Awards Presented to Pupils

Lilley Award for Literary Excellence

The Lilley Award for Literary Excellence recognises ongoing prowess in all aspects of literacy (including reading, writing, discussion, and presentation) and was introduced by our former Headteacher, Mrs Lilley.

  • In the Summer Term 2020, the Lilley Award for Literary Excellence was presented to 

Alesio, Cora, and Vanessa  

Shires Shield 

The Shires Shield is presented for excellence in maths and is named after our long-time Deputy Head, Mrs Shires.

  • In the Summer Term 2020 the Shires Shield was presented to  

    Luci and Shahzaib 

Arts Award

The annual arts award was introduced by Mrs Penny Oakley, a former Deputy Head of Swaffield.

  • At the end of the Summer Term 2020  The Arts Award was presented to joint winners: 

    Mariah, Maryam, Raazia, and Ria

Kilby Cup

The Kilby Cup is named after an ex-pupil, Roger Kilby, who attended Swaffield in the 1950s. Each year we award the Kilby Cup to children who have made a really positive contribution to sports in the school.

  • At the end of the Summer Term 2020, the Kilby Cup was awarded to 

    Eddie and Shayliegh 

Eco Award 

The Eco Award is given for commitment to sustainability, and in keeping with its ethos, 
the award itself is made out of recycled yoghurt pots.

The Eco Award was introduced by our former School Business Manager Mrs Middleton.

  • In the Summer Term 2020 the Eco Award was presented to 

    Leigha and Ulu 

Jack Greaves Kindness Award

The Jack Greaves Kindness Award is given for ongoing kindness towards others and was introduced by the Greaves family.

In the Summer Term 2020, the Jack Greaves Kindness Award was presented to: 

Jake and Sacha