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The aim of Maths at Swaffield is to develop the three main areas;  fluency, reasoning and problem solving.

Maths is delivered daily across the school and children are encouraged to deepen their knowledge and understanding through a variety of different problem solving and reasoning tasks, such as answering questions posed in different ways and in different contexts as well as explaining their processes and thinking in a clear and systematic way.

Children’s understanding is developed through the use of physical objects to allow them to make sense of number.

Early Years

Children in Early Years are beginning to develop, through play, an understanding of the value of number and initial counting. This prepares them for working towards the National Curriculum objectives in Year 1.

Key Stage 1

In Key Stage 1 Maths is delivered using Singapore Maths style of teaching and learning.

Each lesson is based on a real-life, age-appropriate problem that engages all children and allows them opportunities to discuss their mathematical thinking. Please click here for videos that will help you support your children at home.

Key Stage 2

In Key Stage 2 we follow a programme of study designed by the Wandsworth educational team to deliver our Maths lessons.

In order to enable children to deepen their understanding children are given a range of challenges which help to develop the three main areas of the curriculum.

Below, you will find a range of websites that will help you support your child at home.

Help your child with Maths at home

Please visit our Homework page for ideas to support your child with Maths at home.

Check out the helpful websites on our Fun and Educational Websites page.

Everyday Maths

Remember your regular routines are the best maths teaching tools of all. Get your children involved in grocery shopping, reading food labels and recipes, measuring, looking at receipts, reading different types of clocks, looking at schedules and looking at prices in magazines, leaflets or when shopping online. Remember to keep practising your times tables as well.

Useful Resources

Here are some additional resources to help you support your child's maths learning:


  • Click HERE to access LENGTH activity idea flyer (more for KS1)
  • Click HERE  to access LENGTH Websites.

Times Tables 

  • Click HERE to access TIMES TABLES Parent Leaflet with games and activities.
  • Click HERE  to access TIMES TABLES Websites.


  • Click HERE to access COUNTING in 1s, 2s and 10s - Parent Leaflet with games and activities.
  • Click HERE  to access COUNTING in 1s, 2s and 10s websites.

Addition and Subtraction 

  • Click HERE  to access RECALL OF ADDITION AND SUBTRACTION FACTS - Parents Leaflet with games and activities.
  • Click HERE to access RECALL of (remembering) ADDITION AND SUBTRACTION FACTS websites.
  • Click HERE to access ADDING AND SUBTRACTING MULTIPLES of 10, 100 and 1000 and Decimals - Parent Leaflet with games and activities.


  • Click HERE to access TIME websites.
  • Click HERE for links to other useful information and websites to help your child with their maths.

Other Useful resources