Meet 'Team Swaffield'

There are over 60 members of staff employed at the school ensuring that every child at Swaffield matters.

Every member of staff matters too and we think that we have created a happy and safe environment where everyone can thrive.

The number of staff deployed to a class will vary depending on the needs of the children. Some teaching assistants will work with just one class and will be there for the whole school day. Others will support in a variety of classes. Some will also be helping to supervise lunchtime and be joining in with activities and games in the playground.

The day to day running of the school, and strategic decisions that will affect the future, are made by the Headteacher with the help of her Senior Leadership Team.

Senior Leadership Team

  • Mrs Lilley (Headteacher)
  • Ms Hillier (Deputy Head)
  • Ms Pierssene (Assistant Head)
  • Mr Dayal (Business Manager)
  • Mrs Nejand (Phase Leader - Foundation Stage )

Below you can see just who works where around the school

(T = Teacher) (SS= Various levels of Teaching Assistant support). 
First names for staff are ONLY used by children and parents in the Nursery.


Katy Willsher (T)
Jade Dunton (SS), Aysha Chaudhry (SS), Sally Calder (SS), Angela Spink (SS), Sue Pavitt (SS - lunchtime)


Class D - Mr Wright (T), Mrs Bery (SS)
Class E - Mrs Nejand (T) / Mrs Sodeau (T), Mrs Watling (SS)
Class F - Miss Deakin (T), Mrs Mehiri (SS), Miss Beazley (SS)

Year 1

Class G - Ms Patel (T), Miss Saxby (SS)
Class I - Miss Kelly (T), Mrs Morton (SS), Miss Sinclair (SS)

Year 2

Class 1F - Miss McLellan (T), Miss Thornhill (SS)
Class 1G - Mrs Cielniaszek (T and Phase Leader Lower School (maternity cover)), Mrs Boag (SS)

Year 3

Class 1B - Miss Cotton (T)
Class 1D - Mr McNulty (T), Year 3 (SS): Mrs Shojaii, Ms Blunden
Class 1E - Miss Davidson (T)

Year 4

Class 2F - Mrs Naldrett (T)
Class 2G - Mr Meaker (T), Year 4 (SS): Miss Keshtmand, Mrs Brace, Mrs Borg
Class 2I - Ms Lane (T)

Year 5

Class 2D - Ms Garcia-Menchon (T)
Class 2E - Ms Bennett (T), Year 5 (SS): Mr Butcher, Mrs Tobin

Year 6

Class 2A - Ms Halksworth (T and Phase Leader Upper School)
Class 2C - Mrs Dangerfield (T), Year 6: Mrs Duffy (T), Mr Todd (SS)

Teacher Release Team

Mrs Parr (T) Mr Baxter (T), Miss Pittorino (T)

Learning Mentors - Mrs Tobin (SS), Ms Thakore (SS)
Intervention - Ms Blunden (SS) Mrs Brace (SS), Ms Crolle (SS), Mrs Reganne (SS)
Playground Behaviour Mentor - Miss Ford

Lunchtime Team

Mrs Boag & Miss Ford (Play Activity Leaders), Mrs Pavitt (SS), Ms Clarke, Ms Nicholls, Mrs Sheikh, Ms Elliot, Ms Wood, Ms Cummings, Ms Bissett, Mrs Janjua, Miss Leroux, Ms Hunter,

And many other support staff who are already mentioned above working around the school supporting children and teachers.

School Office & Premises Team

  • Mr Dayal (Business Manager)
  • Mrs Cox (Finance & Resources)
  • Miss Stone (Admissions and Educational Welfare Officer),
  • Mr Eade (Premises Manager),
  • Mrs Medhurst (Communications & Marketing Officer)