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Internet Safety Fair - Thursday 5th July at 9.10am

Please come along to our Internet Safety Fair on Thursday 5th July from 9.10am to 10.30am in the Lilley Suite. The fair is being run by the children who are currently being trained as Swaffield Digital Leaders.

At the fair, the children will be running different stalls and covering a range of internet safety topics including ‘Being A Good Friend’, ‘Digital Footprint’, ‘Cyberbullying’, and ‘SMART’ (Safe, Meet, Accept, Reliable, Tell) so please come along to support them and learn how you can help your child use the internet in a safe way.

This group of children from Years 3 to 5 were selected, following an application and interview process, to train as digital leaders, through the specialist programme from Childnet International and have been training throughout this term. We’re really pleased that a member of the digital leader team at Childnet will be joining us too.

The digital leaders have almost completed their training and we’d be delighted if you could support them by coming along to our internet safety fair, have a coffee and a biscuit, and learn something about internet safety too!